Tables, sofas and carpets, they all have LED too

The world of decoration is changing a lot in recent years. The technology is progressing faster and is able to integrate into the home so that everything has a more attractive effect. Today we are going to show you some very new carpets, sofas and tables that incorporate LED lights.

The carpets are called LAMA LED and have been designed by the Dutch Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel. They are made entirely of wool and grace is in the lights. Keep in mind that it is also a non-flammable product capable of repelling water, something that guarantees its durability and quality. Your travel jacket will get an incredible effect with this awesome illumination.

The tables with LED lighting are a great choice for the modern home. They add a soft glow in the room while your space becomes a futuristic style. The flat coffee table is available in two heights with a layer of glass or LAMIX, which is adjustable, allows you to work, play, eat and everything else. Always with the colors that we like most every time. For example, for a romantic evening, the red is ideal, for a dinner with friends we can opt for the blue and to rest we will put the green.

Finally, innovations in lighting design allow a fusion of modern technology with avant-garde decoration styles. The prestigious firm of Italian sofas Calico, has managed to transform into a fixed element of furniture into a versatile style element that changes color to suit our mood. It is a sofa adorned with modern graphics that stand out for the lighting with LED lights. By pressing a simple button on the remote control, you can change the color of the LEDs to have a much more beautiful and original living room.


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