LED Lighting Continues Adoption in the New Year

The end of 2010 proved to be a pinnacle year in LED lighting, where more electrical end users began to understand the full benefits of converting to LEDs. In fact, many large companies such as Macy’s and Starbucks received a lighting makeover while others began to make plans for the New Year. Companies are beginning to commit and prioritize their budgets to convert to LED. This will allow these companies to take every advantage of the savings involved all year-long.

There is no other lighting source that compares to the savings experienced with a LED retrofit. The benefits are quickly being made aware with an extremely long lamp life, which generally lasts 50,000 to 70,000 hours or longer. Much improved color rendering and options such as instant startup and better lighting control, including the ability to dim, are adding to the continued adoption towards LED lighting. Heat generation is greatly reduced with the use of LEDs. This is creating cooling savings as well as insect clouded lens reduction. More often, we’re seeing LED products included in the Energy Star list, creating broader rebate opportunities and a facility engineer’s favorite benefit: minimal to zero maintenance for the life of the lamp. Imagine not replacing a 25-foot high lamp every year or sometimes twice a year. Think of the maintenance cost savings!

Another advantage of LED lighting has to do with the reduction of hazardous waste. First, LED lighting has no Mercury and most LED products have lead-free solder in their circuit boards. They are environmentally friendly so no EPA stringent rules or extra costs are required for lamp disposal.  Let’s not forget to mention that the longer life means less waste in our landfills.

We are seeing more products to fit almost every application and prices are stabilizing, making it more affordable for our average user.  Consumers are experiencing payback within two years in most cases. LED is the new wave in energy conservation and it will dominate the energy market in the New Year and for many more to come.


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About Mario Correia

Outside Sales Manager, Retrofit Division: Mario Correia – Mario, a Master and Journeyman Electrician by trade, previously worked as an energy auditor/manager of construction and engineering with Eastern Utilities Cogenex and Renova Divisions, one of the first and largest ESCO companies in the North East. Mario helped to develop and establish the lighting retrofit and energy rebate options for various companies including Dow Jones, Revlon Cosmetics and Johnson & Johnson. He has played an instrumental role in implementing new energy saving technologies with several lighting manufacturers. As a consultant, Mario created many of the energy rebate contracts and procedures that are used by most of the utility companies today.

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