Lumen Output – Halogen vs. LED

You have probably heard of the many benefits by switching to LED lighting. In this blog post I will be talking about lumen output and in doing so, I will compare Halogen and LED on the basis of lumen output.

In our example, I am comparing a Halogen PAR30 and an LED PAR30. See the table below for the technical details:




PAR30 Longneck

PAR30 Longneck

Energy Use



Lumen Output



Beam Spread




6” ceiling can





I’d like to call your attention to the lumen output and the foot-candle measurement in the above table. The Halogen lamp has an output of 980 lumens while only producing 89 fc and the LED lamp has an output of 800 lumens and is producing 104 fc. Note: Each light was measured in the same ceiling can with the same ambient lighting.

LED Foot-candlesSo how are 800 lumens outperforming 980 lumens? A true LED lighting expert will tell you it’s the difference between initial lumens and delivered lumens. Initial lumens are the quantity of light output measured after the first 100 hours of operation using controlled system characteristics. What? Basically, initial lumens is the light output of the lamp or luminaire before any light loss factors are considered. Delivered lumens is the light output of the lamp or luminaire including factors of light loss, optics, heat, etc..

So why is this important when you switch to LED lighting? It’s simple really. If you are happy with your light levels and think you can switch to LED based on similar lumen output you are likely in for a very BRIGHT surprise! I would recommend that you consult with your LED lighting experts at LED Source before you make the switch. This will ensure you get the right amount of light for your application, and who knows, you might be even able to reduce the number of lamps or fixtures that were previously used. Another bonus point for LED lighting!!


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Adam Ritchie graduated from the University of Kansas with a BGS in Economics. He has worked in a variety of careers through his life. He has built roads in the family business, produced minutes of 3D animation for national broadcast, remodeled homes and coached tennis players to regional and national rankings. Throughout it all Adam has followed his passion to make a positive difference in every endeavor. Since retiring from coaching tennis due to injury, Adam has searched for a new way to make a positive difference. When introduced to LED Source he knew this was the perfect opportunity for him.

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