LED Lighting – A Winning Hand For Casinos

LED Source

Casino LED LightWhile the odds of winning in casinos have not improved, LED lighting technology is winning the approval of casino patrons and operators alike.

Much thought is given into the design of casinos. From the obvious “no clocks” in plain sight initiative to the pattern on the carpets, all with the idea of keeping you there longer and spending more.

How is LED lighting a smart bet for casino owners and operators? Casinos need to be a well-lit and safe environment for a variety of reasons. According to industry experts, patrons who enjoy gambling seem to prefer well-lit gaming tables, lobbies and pedestrian walkways.

Security professionals also love LED lighting. Having multiple close circuit video cameras, LED lighting provides superior color rendering benefits that can aid in helping to catch cheats and improves the odds of the facial recognition software as well.

In addition, LED lighting technology can help save energy in a variety of lighting fixtures and video gaming systems. Casinos have entire floor spaces devoted to hundreds and hundreds of slot machines, each consuming energy at an alarming rate. For example, the Monte Carlo Casino in Las Vegas, an MGM Grand International property, spends $5 million a year in energy costs, much of it attributed to lighting.

According to the EPA, replacing the conventional existing lighting in the Monte Carlo Casino slot machines to LED lamps provided an 85% energy usage savings that they can take to the bank.

That kind of energy savings can extend to the entire facility. Using LED lighting in recessed, cove and track fixtures can save up to 90% of all lighting energy costs.

With an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, maintenance costs can also be significantly reduced. Recently Harrah’s Rincon Resort and Casino in California replaced over 7,000 incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting, thus saving over $200,000 per year. The entire project cost $362,000 and installation took place over three weeks.

The trend is starting for casinos to take a serious look about ‘going green’ with LED lighting. Since the odds always favor the house, making the switch will continue to add more green to their bottom line.

For more information contact the LED Lighting Experts at LED Source.


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About Mike Gold

I work for LED Source, which is the nations fastest growing LED Lighting solutions provider as their Business Development Manager for the Western US, located in Las Vegas. I spent 16 years in the entertainment lighting business and come to the commercial side with a desire to help reduce energy costs for all – one light bulb at a time.

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