San Francisco Bay Bridge Shines With LED Lighting

San Francisco Bay Bridge LED Lighting

Most people really don’t realize the amount of time, labor and engineering that goes into either making a new bridge or demolishing an older one, especially when the bridge is still in use for commuters. Between Oakland and San Francisco stands the Bay Bridge. The 77 year old East Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge recently had a new 2,000 foot span built to replace the aging structure. This new section incorporates over 1,600 custom-designed LED light fixtures incorporating 51,000 Cree XM-L LEDs. The new Bridge LED lighting is expected to save over 50% in lighting energy when compared to traditional metal halide fixtures.

San Francisco Bay Bridge LED Lighting San Francisco Bay Bridge LED Lighting San Francisco Bay Bridge LED Lighting

Official San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction Time-Lapse

Witness more than 42,000 hours of construction in just 4 minutes with this official time-lapse movie of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. Live streaming video and high definition time-lapse construction cameras have been on site since 2008 to document progress, archiving nearly 2 million images for the $6.4 billion bridge.

Demolishing the Old Bay Bridge East Span

Crews have begun to carefully dismantle the 77-year old East Span section-by-section, in roughly the reverse order of how it was built in the mid-1930s. Demolition of the nearly 2-mile long original East Span will take place in three phases over three to five years. Crews will first work in the westward direction toward Yerba Buena Island, taking apart the cantilever section and demolishing the S-Curve, before moving east to dismantle the 504’ and the 288’ truss spans. The demolition team will then head to the waterline to remove the piers, pilings and foundations that support the span. When the entire demolition project is complete, over 58,000 tons of steel and 245,000 tons of concrete will have been removed. For more information on the demolition visit The Bay Lights by Leo Villareal

25,000 individually programmed LEDs transform the West Span of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge into an iconic light sculpture. For information on the Bay Bridge visit


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